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We provide free high speed internet, washer & dryer in our vacation homes Bay Area. The laundry room is situated on the way to the garage on the first floor. Please read instructions carefully before using these machines.

No solid objects (such us shoes) allowed inside washing machines.

Please use moderate loads per washing cycle as the new machines do not like to be overloaded.

Guests must bring in their own favorite HE liquid detergents. You may borrow our detergent if you have issues getting your own.

Laundry Room
Laundry Room, Bay Area Vacation Rentals

Free High Speed Internet

There is free high speed internet throughout the house. You can find the Access code in our information package, and which is also posted on the refrigerator. Contact us for any questions.


Quick Printing Needs

In addition to free high Internet, washer & dryer, there is printer in one of the bedrooms upstairs. It may be used for quick printing needs by our guests. If you will need one, please ask us for more details during check in.